Completed Projects

  • Introduction of an EU-tax? (Billau/Valta)
  • Fundamentals of Financial Law (Reimer)
  • The German REIT in European and International Tax Law (Reimer)
  • Exit taxation of natural persons (Reimer)
  • The interaction of inheritance tax and income tax: double taxation and non-coordinated interactions (Reimer/Valta)
  • Problems in the judicial doctrines on fundamental rights (Huber) freedom - security - publicity (preparation for the 48th conference of assistants in Public Law) (Valta)
  • Fundamentals of Budget Law (Reimer)
  • Treatment of capital gains in the law of double taxation treaties (Reimer)
  • Treatment of dividends of silent partners in the law of double taxation treaties (Reimer)
  • Cross-border taxation of spouses within the European Union (Reimer & Weimar)
  • Othmar Bühler - An Academic Pioneer of Taxation (Reimer)
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