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Summer term 2024

I. Public and Administrative Law

  • Basic Exercise Course Constitutional Law  (Prof. Dr. Kube)
    Time and place:
    Friday, 11 c.t. - 13 Uhr, HS 14 (Neue Universität)
  • Lecture Law of the European Union II (Prof. Dr. Reimer)
    Time an place: Thursday, 14 c.t. - 16 Uhr, Heuscheuer I


II. Tax Law

  • Lecture Introduction to Tax Law (Prof. Dr. Reimer)
    Time and place: Wednesday, 18 c.t. - 20 Uhr, HS 02 (Neue Universität)
    Start: 18.10.2023
  • Lecture Company Taxation (Prof. Dr. Kube)
    Time and place: Wednesday, 9 c.t. - 12 Uhr, HS 01 (Neue Universität)
  • Lecture General Tax Code (Prof Dr. Reimer) 
    Time and place: Friday, 11 c.t. - 13 Uhr (first half of the term), HS 03 (Neue Universität)
  • Trilateral Seminar "Taxation of Employees" (Prof. Dr. Kube/Prof. Dr. Reimer) 
    Time and place: 29/30 April 2024, Heidelberg - the exact place is still to follow; preliminary discussion presumably 6 February 2024 at the chair of Prof. Dr. Reimer 
  • Tutorial in Tax Law (Ref. iur. Katharina Steuer)
    Time and place: Thursday, 15 s.t. - 18 Uhr (first half of the term starting 18th of April 2024), Übungsraum 1 (Jur. Seminar)
  • Seminar "Das Recht der Non-Profit-Organisationen" (PD Dr. Thorsten Helm)
    Time and place:
    19/20 July 2024 - the place is still to follow; preliminary discussion presumably 22 May 2024 online
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