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Since 2017, the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics and the Law Facuty have established a joint school (LGFG-Promotionskolleg) on Digital Law.
While most other universities focus on legal issues of a digitized economy and society (media law, information law), Heidelberg research is dedicated to digitization of the law itself. Jointly with their tutors (Michael Gertz - informatics, Jan Schuhr - legal informatics and legal theory, Martin Borowski - legal theory, Hanno Kube - constitutional law, Ekkehart Reimer - tax law,, external collaborators (Heribert Anzinger - Ulm University, Matthias Grabmair - Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, Bernhard Waltl - BMW Group and many more) and the Heidelberg-based Arbeitskreis Rechtslinguistik (Friedemann Vogel, Ralph Christensen, et al.), the fellows work on 
- modelling legal rules,
- modelling facts (using state-of-the art NLP methods including named entity recognistion, HeidelPlace, HeidelTime, etc.).
- computer-aided judgements,
- constitutional limits of machine learning decision-making.
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