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Chair Prof. Dr. Kube, LL.M. (Cornell)

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Chair for Public Law with particular regard to Public Finance and Tax Law


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Head of the department     
Prof. Dr. Hanno Kube, LL.M. (Cornell)       Mail: kube@uni-heidelberg.de   Tel. 06221/54-7792
Prof. Dr. Dres. h.c. Paul Kirchhof  Mail: kirchhofp@jurs.uni-heidelberg.de  
Head of the administrative office    
Susanne Röth Mail: ls-kube@uni-heidelberg.de Tel. 06221/54-7793


Research associates     
Dr. Benjamin Straßburger Mail: strassburger@uni-heidelberg.de Tel. 06221/54-7459
Johannes Klamet Mail: klamet@jurs.uni-heidelberg.de Tel. 06221/54-7794
Trutz Harder Mail: t.harder@uni-heidelberg.de Tel. 06221/54-7797
Jan Schmidt Mail: schmidt.jan@uni-heidelberg.de Tel. 06221/54-7796
Research assistants     
Tim-Niklas Zimmer Mail: t.zimmer@uni-heidelberg.de Tel. 06221/54-7797
Nicole Herrmann Mail: nicole.herrmann@jurs.uni-heidelberg.de Tel. 06221/54-7796    
Daniel Drescher Mail: drescher@jurs.uni-heidelberg.de Tel. 06221/54-7796    
Student assistants   
Benedikt Fink Mail: benedikt.fink@jurs.uni-heidelberg.de Tel. 06221/54-7796      
Frauke Kühni Mail: kuehni@jurs.uni-heidelberg.de Tel. 06221/54-7796    
Rebecca Ladage Mail: ladage@uni-heidelberg.de Tel. 06221/54-7796    
Jana-Sophie Scheurich Mail: scheurich@uni-heidelberg.de Tel. 06221/54-7796    
Henrik Schirmer Mail: henrik.schirmer@jurs.uni-heidelberg.de Tel. 06221/54-7796    


Contact person for "Moodle":

Daniel Drescher


Institute for Public Finance and Tax Law
Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 6-10
69117 Heidelberg

Tel. 06221/54-7793
Fax 06221/54-7789

Mail: ls-kube@uni-heidelberg.de

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