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The Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Heidelberg University, both in collaboration with the University of Ulm, offer an opportunity for

doctoral research

in the field of digital law

leading towards the graduation as Dr. jur. or Dr. rer. nat. Research would take place within the framework of the newly established doctoral research training group on digital law.

A doctoral thesis would be supposed to present basic research on the creation and application of law by use of algorithms. You will be depicting computational methods such as text mining, but also questions of legal theory concerning the use of artificial intelligence in legal practice. Furthermore, you could work to determine the methodical and constitutional conditions for the use of self-learning systems working with probability prognoses.

As a member of the research training group you would be taking part in its courses and seminars. Ideally you would form a “research tandem” with a group member of the respective other faculty.

Applications are accepted at any time. Please address them to the speakers of the doctoral research group (

We kindly ask you to submit the following documents together with your application: Resume, letter of motivation, diplomas proving your qualification for doctoral research at Heidelberg University (or, where applicable, information on possible dispensations). Additionally, candidates who already have an idea about their possible subject of research or a thesis draft are invited to present such documents together with their application.



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