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Transcript of Records

What is the Transcript of Records?

The Transcript of Records Adobe functions as proof of all the examinations you have taken and the ETCS credits you have earned during your stay abroad. You will receive the Transcript of Records at the end of the semester after you have successfully passed your exams, handed in all certificates you obtained and completed the Transcript of Records. For further information, please see the chronological diagram on the steps and documents within the framework of the ERASMUS stay.


Keep in mind: Please let us know your home postal address, if you need the original version of your Transcript of Records.


Four steps to obtain your Transcript of Records

If you need a Transcript of Records for your home university, please proceed according to the following steps:

  1. Fill in the Transcript of Records form Adobe (please open the document with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC).
  2. Collect all your examination certificates. You will receive these from the respective lecturers after successfully passing the exams.
  3. Scan the completed form and all your certificates and send them to us via e-mail (erasmus@ipr.uni-heidelberg.de).
  4. Your document will be reviewed by the ERASMUS-coordinator, signed and returned to you as a scan via e-mail.


Keep in mind: During spring and fall recess, there may be delays in the process.


Tip: In case you already need your Transcript of Records but do not have all certifcates yet, the ERASMUS-coordinator can issue a provisional Transcript of Records at the end of the lecture period. It will contain the note "noch ohne Vorlage des Leistungsnachweises/without examination certificate yet" for the subject in question.
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