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The ERASMUS programme at the Faculty of Law of the Ruprecht-Karls-University of Heidelberg enables law students to complete parts of their studies at a European partner university.

The goal of the mobility programme of the European Union is to promote cooperation between universities within the EU and other European countries (EU accession countries, Switzerland, Turkey, Norway). The aim is to facilitate the mobility of both students and lecturers. In this sense, in addition to the exemption from tuition fees and a small monthly mobility grant, the ERASMUS programme offers the simplification of the registration procedure with partner faculties and support from an academic advisor.

The main benefits of this programme for future lawyers are the opportunities to immerse themselves in other legal systems, to improve their professional language skills and to expand their intercultural abilities during a stay abroad.

The Faculty of Law currently cooperates with 49 partner universities in 19 countries. Every year, about 100 Heidelberg students and about 50 visiting students take part in the ERASMUS programme at the Faculty of Law. The selection of the scholarship holders takes place at the home faculty.

Both Heidelberg students (outgoing) and European guest students (incoming) can inform themselves about the programme at the Law Faculty of the University of Heidelberg on the following websites:

First contact points 

  • For European guest students, the information desk provides initial information on all questions concerning their studies.
  • For Heidelberg students, the first point of contact for the orientation and planning phase is the "Infocenter Studium im Ausland".

ERASMUS Coordination at the Faculty of Law

Important note: Please read the information on the ERASMUS internetpage of the Law Faculty COMPLETELY.


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