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Living in Heidelberg

The city of Heidelberg is a rapidly developing and promising location of industry and commerce as well as academic teaching and research. In the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region (2.3 million inhabitants), Heidelberg with its about 150.000 inhabitants and an area of 108,83 km² represents a bustling centre with a high standard of living. The lifestyle and internationality of the city of Heidelberg are reflected  in a very lively and eventful cultural scene.


Tip: For further recommendations on topics related to living in Heidelberg, such as housing & accommodation, eating & drinking, culture & events, sports & leisure activities, please see the website: https://www.uni-heidelberg.de/universitaet/leben/Externer Inhalt. Find additional information on the website Hints and TipsExterner Inhalt of the “Studierendenwerk Heidelberg”.

Living and Finding an Accommodation

For information on living and staying in Heidelberg, on finding a private room or on the number of available residence halls offered by the “Studierendenwerk” please see the website of the International Relations OfficeExterner Inhalt.

Sites of Heidelberg

Heidelberger Schloss (Heidelberg Castle)

Philosophenweg (Philosophers' Walk)

Alte Brücke (Old Bridge)

Picturesque historic buildings

Museums and Event Locations

Universitätsmuseum (University Museum)

Kurpfälzisches Museum (Palatinate Museum)

Völkerkundemuseum (Ethnographical Museum)

Apothekermuseum (Pharmacy Museum)

Theater und Orchester der Stadt Heidelberg (Theatre and Orchestra of the City of Heidelberg)

Kongresshaus Stadthalle Heidelberg (Heidelberg Convention Center)

Many Options for Your Leisure Time


  • Strasbourg, France (1,5 hours by train)
  • Basel, Switzerland (2,5 hours by train)
  • Paris, France (3,5 hours by train)
  • Stuttgart (40 minutes by train)
  • München (Munich) (3 hours by train)
  • Frankfurt/Main (55 minutes by train)

From Heidelberg, there is a good train connection to Frankfurt Airport (55 minutes).

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