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The Faculty of Law at the University of Heidelberg

Welcome to the University of Heidelberg

The Ruperto Carola is Germany's oldest university. It boasts a broad spectrum of different fields and, with its rich tradition, is a living centre for interdisciplinary scholarly discourse.

Since 1386, it had established itself as a centre of high-quality research and teaching. Famous academics, including ten Nobel laureates, have contributed to the university's reputation.

Due to its long tradition and internationality, the University of Heidelberg offers students the ideal conditions for their academic and personal enrichment. Today the university has got about 31.500 students enrolled in its 12 faculties, with 5.400 students (about 17 % of the total student body) coming from abroad. Students from all over the world as well as hundreds of visiting professors and researchers contribute to the Ruperto Carola’s international atmosphere.

Welcome to the Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law has been one of the cornerstones of the University of Heidelberg. Since its foundation, it has excelled by its high academic standards. Today it is among the most prominent faculties of law in Germany and well known for its top results all over the world. The faculty puts special emphasis on research on an European and international level.

Introduction to German law

For international students, the Ruperto Carola and the Faculty of Law offer special introductory courses:

  • Orientation week  for foreign students
  • Propaedeutic preparation course for ERASMUS students

Wide range of offers for individual fields of emphasis

Students choose their fields of emphasis according to their own interests. Before the beginning of courses, an individual Learning Agreement  is concluded. This agreement may comprise lectures in the Faculty of Law and also lectures in fields other than law. The main language of instruction is German.

Students may be supported in concluding their Learning Agreement by the ERASMUS office.

Lectures can be chosen from the following legal fields:

  • European Law
  • International Law
  • Comparative Law
  • Civil Law
  • International Private Law
  • Public Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Tax Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminology

The courses mentioned are only exemplary. Of course a large number of further subjects are taught. For full information, please see the following website:

In addition, students can take part in one of the five Moot Courts.

  • The „Kommentierte Vorlesungsverzeichnis“ (course catalogue with a brief description of the content of lectures) is available at the reception  area of the Faculty of Law and also online:
  • It is also possible to attend lectures of other faculties.
  • Seminars may be attended at the University of Mannheim as well.

Intensive international exchange: ERASMUS programme

International relations are of special importance to the University of Heidelberg. It has exchange programmes with more than 400 universities all over the world and many university partnerships.

By studying abroad with the ERASMUS programme, students can learn how to adjust to life in a new culture and a new language, which enables them to live and thrive in a foreign country. 

The Faculty of Law cooperates with about 45 partner universities in 19 different countries within Europe. In the last year, about 500 ERASMUS students were enrolled at the Ruperto Carola, more than 50 at the Faculty of Law.

After their ERASMUS studies, students may apply for an ERASMUS placement scholarship, which enables them to obtain a grant for 3-6 months' internships which are closely connected to their university studies.

Language courses

The University of Heidelberg offers various possibilities for students to prepare for their studies at the Ruperto Carola:

Other language courses offered by other organizations:

  • Volkshochschule Heidelberg (adult education centre)
  • Goethe-Institute Mannheim-Heidelberg
  • HSF Heidelberger Sprachinstitut
  • Heidelberger Pädagogium

Activities and memberships at the University

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