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Course types


Most courses held at the Faculty of Law are lectures. Here you receive a systematic overview of a field of law, but students can participate with questions and short contributions. An open discussion is rather an exception.


In seminars a specific subject will be discussed in depth with a small group of students by means of presentations. Every participant will have to prepare an essay largely on his own and give a presentation thereof.

Notice: It is in the sole discretion of the professor whether you can participate in a seminar without giving a presentation.


A colloquium takes place under the administration of a professor and encourages an open discussion about a specific topic. Preparation of each participant is required to make an exchange of opinions possible. Usually a written paper does not have to be prepared.

Moot Court

A Moot Court is a fictional lawsuit at an ordinary or arbitral court. An international Moot Court normally occupies a student for a whole semester and is linked with the compilation of written memorials.

Practical preparation course

Practical preparation courses are usually only visited by domestic students that want to receive all necessary certificates of performance to be admitted to the first bar exam. One research paper and at least one written exam have to be passed successfully. Due to the high level of the courses, a participation of ERASMUS students has not yet occurred.

Propaedeutic preparation course

Propaedeutic preparation courses (also called study groups) serve the purpose of deepening the lectures, especially with regard to learning how to solve cases and preparing for the practical preparation courses.  There will be no awarding of ECTS Credits or grading. A participation of ERASMUS students is not intended, could, however, be possible after consulting the tutor.

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