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Studies & performance records

The current class schedule of the Faculty of Law with comments from the professors and tutors can be obtained at the end of the semester break at the entrance to the library at the “Juristische Seminar”.

Lectures are principally held in German. Lectures about foreign legal systems are usually held in the respective language – e.g. English, French or Italian.

Attendance of classes

The Faculty of Law does not offer any regular university-sponsored exams at the end of a semester. You may take an exam at the end of the semester in accordance with your respective professor or tutor. It is in his sole discretion whether it will be a written or oral exam.

Please be aware of any potential application deadlines which will be announced during the lecture, through a notice or in the course catalogue. If necessary please enroll in the attendance sheet or registration lists for the exams!

You can have your Learning Agreement signed by Dr. Nika Witteborg-Erdmann during her consultation hours.

After passing the courses successfully, you will receive a certificate of performance (“Schein“) from your respective professor or tutor.

Merely a certificate of attendance may not be obtained.

Final Exams usually are over when the lecture period is completed.
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